Monday, March 21 - Good Morning Cmc
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Dinner: Ellen Galinsky, president and co founder of the Founders at Work Institute, author of The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs. She will be speaking about "Mind in the Making."

Ath opens at 5:30; dinner is at 6, and the program begins at 6:45.

Place reservations here, or check out the full list of speakers for the spring 2011 semester.

The world today

Unless you have been living under a rock you have heard about the tragic earthquake in Japan. Many of you may be wondering how you can help; however, donors have offered much more aid than charities who were affected have requested, and many smart people have concluded that there is no room for more funding. Instead, consider a non-earmarked gift to your favorite charity. Whatever you do, please don't start another new charity. Also, the radiation is not as big a deal as everyone makes it out to be.

How cellphones and the Internet are changing Africa

A Herd Makes Money on Wall Street

The Stoner Arms Dealers

The 12 hottest stories around the world right now

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Showers, high 59, low 41 with a 100% chance that all New York Times articles end the same way

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Flex Hours

Hub Grill: 11AM - 3PM, 7PM - 10:30PM

The Coop (Pomona): 9AM - Midnight

Jay's Place (Mudd Hole): 7PM - 1AM

The Grove House (Pitzer): 9AM - 4PM, 7PM - 11PM

Motley (Scripps): 8AM - Midnight

Dining Hall Hours

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Dining Hall Menus

Collins (CMC)

Frary (Pomona)

Frank (Pomona)

Malott (Scripps)

Hoch-Shanahan (Harvey Mudd)

Pitzer (menu unavailable)



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Spring Break

There were a whole bunch of events over Spring Break, check the CMS website for scores

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